Speak From The Heart: Authentic Speaking Workshop, London, October 28th & 29th

How To Capture The Hearts of Your Audience... Even If You Are New to Speaking and Nervous!

Have you ever been captivated by a speaker; either in a live setting, or even just watching a TED talk on YouTube?

If you wondered where that magical connection you felt came from, do you know you can achieve the same effect yourself? Yes, we all have the ability to speak to the hearts of our audience members; even if we are new to speaking or very nervous.

If you can connect with your heart, then you can connect with the hearts of others. It really is about authenticity. When we speak from the heart, it has a kind of resonance with others that just cannot be ignored.

And it can't be faked either. Subconsciously, we all know if a speaker is sharing from their heart or not. Have you ever listened to someone and felt kind of 'icky', like they were trying to sell you or sway you on purpose? That's the difference. When you are honest, open and authentic, people feel this on the subconscious level.

I know this myself as someone who was trained for television and the stage. I've given plenty of talks in my time, including two for TEDx, and I'm currently planning a third for them. You can see some of my speaking highlights below. The ones that really touch people are the ones where I share something of myself. Something real, honest, and even vulnerable.


Of course, the technical skills of speaking are important too. When you can structure your message, weave in your personal story, and deliver it articulately, then you can connect with more people in a way that lasts.

So if you would love to get your own message out their as a confident and memorable public speaker, then I have something awesome for you.


Tickets are $378 - to purchase your ticket simply email me and request payment information.

Instalment options are available upon request.

VIP tickets are available for $800. This price includes Friday night dinner with me and our guest speaker, Deri Llewellyn-Davies. Private mentoring with me, and a speaking opportunity.


Speak From The Heart
Weekend speaking workshop - London, October 28th-29th

Having been on Oprah, Dr Oz, and This Morning on iTV, and with my live speaking experience including TEDx, ELEVATE and Expert Empires, I feel like it's time to pass the baton on to you.

Over the course of the weekend, I am going to take you through the process of crafting and delivering every talk that will touch the hearts of your audience and make you memorable to them.

We will cover:

- Content: the 'what' of your talk. Constructing the whole piece; from sharing your own narrative to weaving in the message you wish to deliver.

- Journey: The energy and flow of your presentation. Timing and structure, from a strong start to an impactful finish.

- Delivery: From pitch and pace, to the body language that helps you to "turn up the volume" and how show that you mean what you say.

- Connection: The subtle language of heart-based connection. Choosing words that penetrate the heart, speak to the subconscious mind and connect with the soul.

- Feedback: The practice of performance. Andrea won't just be speaking to you - she will get you speaking to the room. This is a safe space where everyone can all practice and share feedback in a supportive way. How better to get over the hurdle of your first (or next BIG) public talk?

Get your ticket and take the first step on your journey to the stage!

The VIP Track

Pre-conference Dinner + Networking + Private Session

with Dr. Andrea

The VIP Track

If you would like the VIP experience, then we have some extra special bonuses for you, starting on the Friday night before the worksop. First, a special pre-workshop dinner and an intimate discussion with Dr. Andrea and her special guests.
Then, Saturday evening, my friend and colleague, Deri Llewellyn-Davies, will join us for an inspiring talk of his own. Deri, A.K.A. The Strategy Man is well known in the business world. But outside of his many businesses, he is also an avid adventurer. Deri can tell you a survival story or two that will make your hair stand on end!

Here are all the VIP bonuses:

• Dinner plus meet & greet with me and our VIPs on Friday night (valued at $250)
• Networking lunch with me and our VIPs on Saturday and Sunday (valued at $150)
• Bonus 1-on-1 with me to help craft your next speech or presentation
(valued at $500)

Get started now!

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Your Instructor

Dr. Andrea Pennington
Dr. Andrea Pennington

Dr. Andrea Pennington is a medical doctor, global media strategist, international TEDx speaker and best-selling author. She is the Managing Director of Make Your Mark Global and creator of AUTHENTIC: The Personal Branding System and the MVP Publishing Process.

As a sought-after TV personality, Dr. Andrea has been featured multiple times on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Dr. Oz Show, iTV and the Today Show and served as Medical Director and Spokesperson for Discovery Communications. She continues to enjoy high visibility with the world’s largest media brands including Thrive Global, HuffingtonPost and LUXE-TV.

Andrea provides media production and communication strategy consulting globally while based in Monte Carlo, Monaco. As a journalist she has contributed to several magazines including Newsweek, Real Simple, Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise and currently hosts beauty and luxury lifestyle shows on LUXE-TV, distributed to 100+ countries.

Andrea’s popular TEDx talk highlights her passion for wellness, transformation and authentic self-expression. She is a Founding Member of the Association of Transformational Leaders - Europe and past President of the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals. Andrea is also adjunct professor at the University of Monaco and provides her heart-centered global training through seminars and destination retreats.

Visit for more info on Dr. Andrea's media strategy & content development offerings.

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