Preview | The 5 Elements in Love & Sex w/ Nick Haines

And the subject of today’s interview is Chinese energetics and medicine – and how it impacts your sex life in a very real way.

By the way, Nick has decades of experience as an acupuncturist – and in his current work, he helps people really harness and tap into their genius and passions. He often has a 2 year waiting list – which shows just how valuable and talented Nick is at what he does.

Anyway…on to the good stuff. Nick and I explore how the 5 elements of Chinese medicine affect your sex life. For example, you’ll discover:

  • How understanding your energy types unlocks the door to a more amazing sex life.
  • Which energy types need a lot of passion in their lives, which ones need to feel safe, and more.
  • How Chinese medicine can help you inject more hotness in your long-term relationship or marriage (if you feel like your bedroom has turned stale, you’ll want to listen to Nick’s insight).
  • How people with different energy types can have a mutually enjoyable, exciting sex life.
…and much more, of course! Watching this interview will undoubtedly reveal things about yourself you may have never known before.